The University Safety Emergency Communications Center is at the hub of the UConn Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service activity. The center is a 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the campus region. The communications center also serves as a life safety system and intrusion alarm monitoring central station. The unit has the ability to monitor over 150 live camera feeds from exterior and interior locations on campus including the Stamford and Avery Point regional campuses. Plans are in place for remote monitoring capability at the new Hartford campus and the St. Patrick’s Hall on the newly expanded Waterbury campus. Code Blue emergency call stations and elevator emergency call buttons are all routed to the UConn University Safety Emergency Communications Center.

In 2015, the Division of University Safety formed a Technical Security Unit and hired a Physical Security Coordinator to advance the mission of the unit. The unit has begun the process of developing a university-wide security policy to augment the Security Camera Policy and is working with University stakeholders to consolidate disparate security components into a cohesive physical security system. The purpose of the physical security program is to protect people, property and institutional assets against malicious activity. This is accomplished by layering physical security components into a system that deters, detects, delays and reports malicious activity.

The Technical Security Unit serves as the site administrator of the University’s Genetec CCTV system and has begun the planning process of migrating stand-alone applications onto the unified Genetec platform.

The Technical Security Unit is a discipline within University Safety that works in partnership with the Police Department and other university offices like Facilities, Locksmith, Landscaping, Planning & Architectural Engineering Services to reduce the opportunity to commit crimes and increase the likelihood of apprehension should a crime be committed . The unit participates in site surveys to identify security needs within existing locations and, with the creation of the Physical Security Coordinator position, will participate in the planning, design, construction and occupancy phases of renovation and new construction projects.

More information about the UConn University Safety Answering Point and the University Security Camera Policy can be found online at: