Print copies of the daily crime log and the annual security report are available at the University of Connecticut Police Department, located at 126 North Eagleville Road, Storrs, CT 06269, 24/7.

Please request these documents at the UConn Police Department Communications / Dispatch Center. The print copies of the daily crime log are updated every day and contain the most recent disposition updates. To access the print copies of the Daily Crime Log the public can visit any of these locations: UConn Storrs, UConn Avery Point, Downtown Hartford campus, UConn Law School, UConn Stamford, UConn Waterbury, and UConn Health.

The electronic copy of the daily crime log below is updated weekly and dispositions may not be current.

Click any link(s) below for an electronic copy of the daily crime log for the dates of 03/07/24 through 06/07/24

Avery Point: Avery Point Crime Log
Hartford Law: Hartford Law Crime Log
Downtown Hartford:  Downtown Hartford Crime Log
Farmington: Farmington Crime Log
Stamford: Stamford Crime Log
Storrs: Storrs Crime Log
Waterbury: Waterbury Crime Log

Community Standards/Residential Life: Community Standards Residential Life -5-6-24-to-5-12-24