Every member of the UConn Police Department is committed to a strong educational experience for our community. The Community Outreach Unit brings that commitment to the next level with topical, interesting, and professionally developed educational programming. Members of our Community Outreach Unit and S.T.A.R.T. officers are selected in part for their ability to develop programming, desire to teach and train in both academic and experiential education settings, and a strong commitment to building a safer community through education. We offer a variety of programs and can tailor our educational endeavors to meet your needs. The Community Outreach and S.T.A.R.T. officers are present at Storrs and all regional campuses upon request.


alt="" The mission of the Safety Techniques & Awareness Resource Team (S.T.A.R.T.) at the UConn Police department is to enhance University Safety through an expansive array of educational programs, workshops and events.

We offer a robust program of education on personal and community safety, bystander awareness and social roles, teambuilding, communication, and more. Our S.T.A.R.T. officers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the campus community in a safe, cooperative, and compassionate learning environment. Our programs offer a variety of formats such as classroom education, experiential education workshops, group discussion, and fun events.

The S.T.A.R.T. program offers interactive, contemporary education in a safe and compassionate environment focused on group conversation. Each S.T.A.R.T. officer receives initial and ongoing training in emerging issues and prevention strategies and incorporates these into their programs. S.T.A.R.T. officers support and enhance the programming efforts of our UCPD Community Outreach Unit across all UConn campuses. Our programming catalogue below encompasses our statewide offerings. If you or your group are interested in hosting a class, please complete the online request form below the catalogue and a member of our Community Outreach Unit or S.T.A.R.T. officers will work out the details with you. We also periodically offer our programs for open enrollment. Please check the UConn Daily Digest and follow our UConn University Safety Facebook page for our periodic open enrollment offerings.

Responding to an Active Threat: A Survival Mindset

Student Classroom LockdownIn a classroom and group discussion setting, this course is offered as a 2 hour or a 1.25 hour session and includes commonalities in active threat situations, pre-attack indicators, instilling a survival mindset, survival options (Run, Hide, Fight), law enforcement responses, and reporting behaviors of concern. Staff and faculty groups especially are strongly encouraged to schedule a 2 hour block of training as they are often looked to as leaders by the student body.

This program is offered as a 1 or 2 hour presentation.

Bright Future – Simple Decisions: Alcohol and Other Drug Safety

Police officer teaching studentsIn a group discussion setting, this course is designed to develop an awareness of common misconceptions surrounding campus drinking and drug use, gain an understanding of actual college drug use and its consequences, present the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to get help, group discussions on strategies to say “no” to alcohol or drugs in a social setting, and discussions on strategies for intervening when a friend is about to make a dangerous decision involving alcohol or other drugs.

This program runs for 1.5 hours.

Campus Safety Overview

This is a basic program designed to give new community members a framework of UConn’s main campus as a “city within a town” and identify the Division of University Safety services offered in Storrs. The class will highlight the most common criminal offenses across campus as well as providing general safety strategies to reduce that risk.

This program runs for 30 minutes.

For a presentation on information specific to Regional Campuses, email

Community Policing in the 21st Century

This highly interactive program defines two main models of policing in the United States: Traditional and Community Policing. Group discussion identifies potential strengths and challenges of each model and the potential to merge them into more effective policing in any community. Participants will also engage in a group activity where they identify a potential problem of crime within a neighborhood and then act as problem solving agents within that community to address it.

This presentation is offered in 50 minute academic program blocks or 1.5 hour group discussion program format.

De-Escalation Strategies for the Workplace

Community members participating in this workshop will develop an understanding of the following de-escalation concepts, through group discussion, lecture and role playing exercises: simple and effective techniques to de-escalate conflict, recognize when de-escalation strategies will be ineffective and when to call for help, and understand the involuntary physiological responses to conflict and techniques to combat those responses. This program has been specifically adapted for the community by our own UCPD instructors who train officers in de-escalation strategies. These time-tested and proven strategies will definitely enhance the safety and confidence of your group.

This program lasts 1 hour.

First Year Experience

As part of the University’s First Year Experience program, the Police Department offers one hour programs including an overview of the UConn Police Department and its services, how to call 911, emergency alerts, general personal safety on campus, identifying suspicious activity, a tour of the police facility, and an open Q&A with officers. This program is hosted at the Police Department.

Class time is 50 minutes and includes a tour of the Police Department.

For more information on the FYE program at UConn visit the FYE website.

General Campus Safety and Risk Reduction Strategies

In a group discussion setting, participants will identify risks they may face in daily life and discuss risk reduction strategies. Participants will understand the importance of risk awareness, recognition, reduction, and avoidance. Through group discussion, participants will develop risk recognition specific to general campus life, at parties, in residences, online, and in dating situations. The group will discuss ways to reduce those risks they self-identify.

This program runs 1 hour.

International Student Orientation

This program is a specialized overview of police services and safety tailored for international students and scholars. It includes a general overview of the UConn Police Department and its services, how to call 911, emergency alerts, general personal safety on campus, driving in Connecticut, and legal topics. We also understand that policing is different all over the world so we discuss interacting with the police in the United States.

Class time is ½ to 1 hour.

New Student Orientations

Officers will guide new students through an overview of safety on their respective campus, the UConn Police Services in their area, and topical discussion on areas of interest. This program is specifically tailored to each of UConn’s campuses.

This program runs for 30 minutes.

Police and the Use of Force

In a classroom setting, participants will learn the broadly applicable aspects of police use of force in modern American society as well as several specific areas of law governing police use of force at the Federal and State level. Particular focus is given to Graham v. Connor, Tennessee v. Garner, and Connecticut statutory authorizations for force. Participants will learn the basic concepts of practical police force application through continual assessment of individual circumstances as well as the types of force used by police. The group will also engage in a discussion of the physiological effects of stress and danger within a combat situation and how this effects force.

This program runs for 1 hour.

University Safety Overview for New Residential Staff

This program provides new residential staff a basis of understanding of the services and responsibilities of members of the Division of University Safety across UConn. The course will introduce staff to police and fire department roles and jurisdictions, how to obtain emergency and non-emergency help, and certain on-scene protocols for each department.

This program runs for 1 hour.

START a Conversation

The START a Conversation program aims to get the participants discussing a wide range of topics surrounding social issues wherein people can be physically or emotionally harmed. The conversations are guided by videos of scripted scenarios as they relate to strategies to intervene on behalf of one another to create a safer, more respectful society. Participants will watch clips from ABC’s ‘What Would You Do’ and then engage in facilitated discussion about intervention strategies in a safe, culturally aware and diverse environment.

START a Conversation is offered in 1 and 1.5 hour sessions.

We Stand Up – Men Preventing Violence against Women

We Stand Up – Men Preventing Violence against Women is designed to engage self-identified men as a key component in reducing violence against women. Participants will engage in group discussion and analysis of examples of men they respect, healthy masculinity, unhealthy behaviors, and strategies to engage peers in reducing violence against women.

This program runs for 1.25 or 1.5 hours.

Workplace Safety

This classroom presentation is designed to give employees basic safety guidelines in the workplace. Participants will learn to identify and report suspicious behavior. Specific topics include safe cash handling procedures, responding to and reporting suspicious packages and threatening phone calls, as well as evacuation protocols. Participants will learn how to deal with disruptive people and when to call 911. A brief introduction to the “Run, Hide, Fight” model of active threat scenarios will be discussed. Specific language as delineated by the Office of Emergency Management and used in alert messages will also be discussed.

Workplace Safety lasts for 1 hour.

Teambuilding and Communication Workshops

Outdoor teambuilding activityThis fun, activity and game based program is designed to highlight interpersonal communication skills. It can be used in a variety of disciplines or as a basis for identifying the importance of communication skills as a core component of personal safety, bystander intervention techniques, and healthy relationships. Participants will identify the ways in which people communicate and discuss effective message delivery. Participants will also identify potential barriers to effective communication. They will then break into smaller activity groups to play games designed to highlight different forms of communication.

This program is offered in 1.5 or 2 hour blocks.

Self-Defense Classes

The UConn Police Department, in partnership Off-Campus Student Services, Residential Life, The Department of Allied Health Services and the Hawley Armory have teamed up to offer self-defense programming for both women and men on campus. Our programs are offered throughout the academic year for students and during the summer and winter intercessions for staff and faculty. These programs are offered for free on campus. Classes fill up quickly so check our Self-Defense Classes page for sign-up dates and online enrollment. Seats are offered on a first-come/first-served basis. Specialized and private classes are available for a fee. Email for inquiries.

The Resisting Aggression with Defense (R.A.D.) Basic Personal Defense System is a national program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques network dedicated self-defense instructors that has been established by nationally certified R.A.D. Instructors since 1989.

These programs train both men and women in basic self-defense techniques and offers viable options when confronted with various threats of violence and aggression.

The R.A.D. system is not a martial arts class. All courses are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. instructors from the UConn Police and Fire Departments.

Sign-up for self-defense classes

Police Department Tours

Group tours of the UConn Police Department Headquarters in Storrs are available upon request. Tours last for 15-20 minutes and are subject to limited availability. If you’d like to schedule a tour, please email


If you are interested in hosting an educational experience with the UConn Police Department, please complete the form below. Be sure to complete all areas so we can better meet your programming needs. The UCPD Community Outreach Unit reserves the right to fulfill requests on a first-come/ first-served basis for 10 or more participants. Program availability is subject to availability of police personnel. Please allow at least 4 weeks prior to the desired presentation date as our calendar fills up quickly.

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