This is a guide for when the University, its agents, its tenants, and its programs should be in contact with the FMBIO. Whether inside or outside of structures, in nearly all types of construction, alteration, special event, life safety system service, and building system alteration, our office may be required to be involved and/or be a valuable resource.

Per Connecticut General Statutes, agreements, and policies, the FMBIO is the primary building, fire code, and fire prevention code enforcement authority for most construction in UConn owned buildings, as well as work in privately owned buildings on UConn owned land. This office is a building permit issuing authority and is the primary Local Fire Marshal “authority having jurisdiction” in all University owned buildings, and on University owned property.


Our Staff

Darren Cooke
Associate Director
Direct 860-486-8038

Fire Marshal Unit

Steve Garvin
Fire Marshal
Direct 860-486-4644

Dan Volovski
Deputy Fire Marshal
Direct 860-486-5506

Derek Gaston
Fire Inspector
Direct 860-576-2663

Yves Poulin
Fire Inspector
Direct 860-576-2667

Building Inspectors Unit

Pat Walsh
Supervising Building Official
Direct 860-486-4039

David Cornell
Building Official
Direct 860-234-2733

David Houseman
Building Official
Direct 860-933-1306

Krish Naraine
Building Official
Direct 860-486-0699

Michael Ose
Building Official
Direct 860-933-4709

Joe Pajak
Building Official
Direct 860-933-1191