LiveSafe – Download


LiveSafe events coming soon at the Student Union!

Be on the look out in March and April - games, prizes, activities and more!


Where does my information go?

All information is locked up in the LiveSafe database where no one can access it except the CEO, who needs a subpoena to do so.

Is LiveSafe actually anonymous?

Yes! Dispatchers can only see what tips you make, and do not know who you are unless you identify yourself.
How do reports work?

It is a two-way communication system between you and a safety official. You can review your messaging history at any time in addition to not having to track down the same official you communicated with when you close and open the app.
Is this a preventative app of an emergency app?

It is more preventative than emergency, but it can be both. Though it is not a substitute for 911, the app does work congruently with both non-emergency and emergency circumstances.